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Looking for Vietnamese Acacia wood supplier for exporting to Japan

Nhã Đinh - 13:39, 13/08/2019

A Japanese business is looking for a supplier of acacia wood in Vietnam with the following information.

Basic information about acacia wood

Acacia wood is divided into many types depending on the purpose of use by manufacturers, individual users at building materials stores, or contractors for copha and acacia wood. It is massively planted; therefore, acacia wood is considered as a stable source for construction with low warping compared to other types of wood. Acacia wood has tough mechanical strength and can be adaptable to extreme weather.

Large and round acacia hybrid wood is the raw material used to produce furniture for export. Acacia trees with a diameter of 17-18 cm or more have much higher price than the prices of raw materials used to produce paper. In addition, hybrid acacia tree is also used for plywood, high-grade plywood, sawn timber for construction, etc.


From the outstanding advantages of this wood, it is easy to recognize the economic values that Acacia brings to us especially in the interior field. Furniture products which are made from acacia wood have stable quality with high mechanical strength. Acacia wood is widely used in all fields such as furniture, construction, pallets, etc. All furniture products from acacia wood ensure both good function and aesthetics.

Another point need to take into account here is that the price of acacia wood is very reasonable and competitive compared to other natural woods, or imported woods with the same comparative quality.

People use acacia tree to make wooden pallets; the advantages of this product - being tough, durable static weight up to 5 tons, dynamic weight to 2 tons has confirmed the standing position of this product.

About Vietnamese acacia wood supplier for exporting to Japan package

Currently, a Japanese business is in need of finding acacia suppliers. This is also a very large enterprise in Japan importing this kind of wood, including Vietnam market.

Any suppliers with the capacity (product, experience, valid profile) can send your capacity profile to HomeAZ.vn via:

  • Hotline: (+84) 90 173 2989
  • Email: info@homeaz.vn

We are committed to transferring your profiles and information to the Japanese partner as soon as possible with the best effectiveness.

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